Citrix XenApp 6.5 Printer Woes, Bloated Registry

I wanted to share an interesting case in hopes that it would save an admin out there from an unnecessary headache.

The environment was a small XenApp 6.5 farm, maybe 1-2 servers on Server 2008 R2.  It had maybe 30-35 users.  One day, users started getting Temporary Profiles.  Looking in the event log there was numerous “<> took too long to respond…” events.  Every so often, connections would come back with a server is low on resources message.  Though, all performance metrics were seemingly normal.

Before I logged a support case, I came across this website.

This described our problem and when I looked at the size of the registry, it was 1.5 GB in size!  Navigating to below registry keys, the screen would hang, there were hundreds of entries, if not more!



Deleting the keys seemed to help, the screen would no longer hang, but the registry was still the same size. We ended up compressing the registry, and the problem went away.  There are quite a few resources that should be able to help if looking to compress the registry.

The issue stemmed from some registry keys being created  for each printer, each time the user logged in.  This occurred over and over again.  Over time, I suspect the issue would have reoccurred.  Citrix provides a tool to stress test printer drivers,   We switched out most drivers for the Citrix Universal Drivers.  After that, the registry didn’t grow as it did before and after watching it for about a couple of weeks, stayed about the same size, ~100MB.   After that I called the problem fixed.


Hope this Helps if your experiencing a similar issue!

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Deep Security 9.6 w/NSX 6.2, DSVA offline

Cant tell you how many times I overlooked this very easy and obvious step.

Change the hostname from localhost.localdomain to a hostname.yourodmain on the deep security appliances.

Also to note that once activated the appliance will update itself from 9.5 to 9.6 (assuming you have the 64 bit RedHat agent imported on the manager)



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Sharepoint 2010 Migrate users between domains

A script to migrate your Sharepoint users between domains


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Sharepoint 2010 user count scripts

A quick and dirty way to get user counts,

email to you


displayed to you



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Novell eDirectory to Active Directory Migration Scripts

Sometime last year we were tasked with migrating an organizations old 2000+ user Novell environment (eDirectory & Groupwise) to Active Directory and Exchange 2013.

Here are the scripts we created for the directory portion of that transition.

Masterscript.bat  (sets the execution policy for powershell and reboots the workstation)


Domainjoin.ps1 (joins the workstation to the new domain)


novell_uninst.vbs  (uninstalls sp1 and older versions of novell client)


novell_uninst_sp2andnewer.bat (uninstalls sp2 and newer versions of novell client)



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NetApp Performance Manager Cluster cannot be added to this instance

When deploying NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager that is replacing a failed previous instance that you no longer have access to you may encounter the error in the title.

The fix:

set -priv diag 

application-record show 

(locate the “name” of the record that indicates the association with the previous instance of performance manager)

application-record delete -name “name” 


Proceed to add the cluster to the new instance.


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Citrix ServiceDesk ADFS work around



Recently we have implemented single signon w/ADFS 3.0 to Citrix ServiceDesk

It was a fairly straightforward rollout following the folliwng guide.

Set Up Single Sign-On using ADFS 3.0

Howver, when getting to the point of creating the trust on the Citrix using the Citrix Identity webform/Organization center the process fail flat.

not getting any redirects to our ADFS page just a simple generic error provided by the gotoassist page.

After verifying the ADFS configuration on my side multiple times we submitted a ticket to Citrix.

It was escalated to engineering and after a few days got a workaround!

“Engineering believes they’ve found a bug with metadata wrongly being rejected from the authentication process”

In the identity provider section of the organization center where it calls for our metadata URL replace that with the following URL

As you can see, their solution is to us which is according to them a temporary fix until they can clean up the bug rejecting metadata.


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